Vintage Storage Trunk Price: $34.99 (as of 09/04/2021 19:31 PST- Details)


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ARTISAN CRAFTED: With Faux Leather Accents Around This Handcrafted Wood Comes An Ideal Adventure Room Decoration. With attention to detail each chest is equipped with a FULL SIZE hasp that can be fit with the included lock. A wooden box with hinged lid and fully functional lock and key insure that this is a locking chest. Great for use as keepsake, stash, or to store treasure box prizes for classroom.
CHEST IS FULLY LINED: A traveler is never fully prepared for his journey without a proper trunk to put his goods in. With new experiences and relationships through thrilling adventure, it is time to be free-spirited and courageous in the physical world, simply by boarding a ship and pointing towards the horizon. Especially in contrast to our fast-paced lives of today, the traveler life is appealing.